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PSI+, 2015
Refrigerators, pneumatic system, glass flask, laboratory stirrer, surveillance camera, monitor, video (loop), computer, dimensions variable
software: Peter Chiochetti; pneumatic system: Stefan Göschl
exhibition view PSYCHOPROSA, Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck 2015

In the cooling chamber, glycoproteins from the algae and fungi biomass which remains after the extraction of dopamine and psilocybin, are combined with pure water and mixed to slime. Filled into jars, this slime is placed in the refrigerators, whose doors and drawers open and close as if triggered by a ghostly hand. There seems to be a demon or a poltergeist in the room, invisible to the human eye, but is captured by the surveillance camera. Thee title of the installation PSI+ is on the one hand a reference to P+, the slime that is a by-product of PSILAMIN production; on the other hand it refers to the psi-phenomenon, a concept in parapsychology.